Thursday, October 08, 2015

No, you can't trust the damned BBC, either

The BBC has admitted faking spectacular scenes of a volcano eruption in its new natural history series Patagonia: Earth’s Secret Paradise.

The programme, broadcast in late September, purported to show a “dirty thunderstorm” above the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile, with flashes of lighting within clouds of ash.

The scene was actually created by using footage from two different eruptions four years apart.
It is the latest fakery row for the BBC, which came under fire for another of its nature programmes, when the Sir David Attenborough programme Frozen Planet was found to have faked a scene of a polar bear being born in the wild.
Which brings up the eternal question: 'If they're faking these things, what else are they faking?'

More fakery from anti-rights people: surprise!

Speaking of anti-rights assholes*, we have this
Attention Mr. Matthews:

And go fuck yourself with a splintery shovel handle, you miserable little control freak.

Sincerely, etc.

On the subject, from Insty,
BOY, THERE REALLY ARE A LOT OF constitutionally illiterate pieces on the Second Amendment from academics lately. Here’s a hint: There’s a huge literature on this stuff. The Second Amendment wasn’t badly drafted or unclear, it was drafted by smart men who knew exactly what they were trying to say; you just don’t want to hear that. Your cocktail-party “insights” on the Second Amendment are neither interesting nor correct. This is Dunning-Krueger scholarship at its worst.


*Why yes, I am sick of them.

"Political correctness is murderous."

But the audience at last night’s debate was not part of any cynical, self-styled community group. They were young. They were mainly liberals. They were pretty cool. Some were painfully PC. And yet some of them — a significant chunk of them — cheered Bukhari’s explanation for the Charlie killers’ actions, and applauded his suggestion that my question must have been motivated by racism.
At Trinity College in Dublin
There was a political context to their actions, he suggested, but the media ignored it in favour of depicting the killers as ‘brown savages’. Every time Bukhari mentioned Charlie Hebdo, he did so through gritted teeth, with a palpable sense of contempt; he spoke of Charlie Hebdo in the same breath as ‘white supremacism’. In contrast, he talked about the killers with what sounded a lot like sympathy, presenting them as the aggrieved products of French militarism in Algeria.

In his warped worldview, it’s almost as if Charlie Hebdo were the guilty party, a foul committer of Islamophobic speech crimes, and the killers were the victims — victims of history, victims of France, victims of prejudice, driven by political anger. The murdered are the oppressors; the murderers the victims. Real through-the-looking-glass stuff.
Mr. O'Neill, it's not 'as if'; he truly does believe that the murderers were the victims.  And those PC-at-any-cost 'liberals' either agree, or would rather pretend to than not be seen as sufficiently sensitive.  Because muslims are seen as victims, no matter what; same as a black speaking of whites as inferior beings and other racist crap insists "I cannot be racist, because I'm not white and have no power!"

Except muslims DO have power; not only the power to shut down opponents by having them banned from discussions, but by making people censor their own words and images because they fear being murdered by the 'victims'.

During my speech, students had hollered ‘Shame! Shame!’ when I suggested that Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ should not be banned on campuses. And yet they listened intently, with soft, understanding, patronising liberal smiles on their faces, as Bukhari implied that Charlie Hebdo brought its massacre on itself. This is how screwed-up the culture on Western campuses has become: I was jeered for suggesting we shouldn’t ban pop songs; Bukhari was cheered for suggesting journalists who mock Muhammad cannot be surprised if someone later blows their heads off.
Idiots who've been taught for years that western culture is horrible and racist, etc., therefore any criticism by anyone not part of it is automatically valid.  And they REALLY get pissed when someone points out "So you're saying that people such as (in this case) muslims cannot be held to the same standards of self-control you expect from whites?"

It provided a glimpse into the inhumanity of political correctness. The PC gang always claim they’re just being nice; it’s just ‘institutionalised politeness’, they say. Yet at Trinity last night I saw where today’s intolerance of offence and obsession with Safe Spacing minorities from difficult ideas can lead: to an agreeable nod of the head when it is suggested that it’s understandable when poor, victimised Muslims murder those who offended them.

No, a PC student at such a prestigious college as Trinity is very unlikely to kill you for being offensive. But if someone else does, they won’t be outraged or upset. They’ll think you had it coming. Nice? Polite? Please. Political correctness is murderous.
Yes, it is.  The question is how many will die, in the end, because of it.

If there is anything more stupid than this,

I'm not sure I want to know about it.  This is just as stupid as lowering standards for infantry so you can get more of the preferred mix of people in.  And- since fires happen more often than infantry actions outside of open war- more likely to get people killed.

But that's not a concern to the idiots running this.

I'm not even going to link to the latest Hillary Clinton crap.  More servers, more classified e-mails, more "I want your guns!", etc.  Sick of it, sick of her.

Gov. Howler mouthed off, and is now trying to claim "I didn't say what I said!"

He's also getting rather pissy about being called on some of his current howling.

Frankly, I don't care if you are transgender. I don't care if you are gay. I don't care if you are a Hare Krishna member (but don't ask me for money at the airport). If you support gun rights, then you are my friend.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I've got zip.

Squat.  Nothing.

Maybe later.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Meanwhile, in the multi-culti paradise of Sweden,

It is supposed to be the model multicultural state. But Sweden is facing problems of its own after gangs of immigrants spent a fifth consecutive night rioting in Stockholm.

Officers are battling to keep the capital under control after hundreds of cars were torched, a police station set alight and fire services kept from a major blaze by a stone-throwing mob of youths.

To make matters worse, rioting has now spread to Sweden’s two other major cities, Gothenburg and Malmo.
Doesn't sound very paradise-like, does it?
Lars Bystrom, a Stockholm police spokesman, said: ‘Such fires are mainly lit to lure the police to the scene, who are then attacked.’

He admitted officers have been forced to change their tactics, saying: ‘Now if there is a small fire that is not likely to spread, and there is no risk to life, we will send out a patrol and keep an eye on it from a distance.

‘But we are not going to bring in the fire brigade unless it’s really dangerous.’
Hmmm... sounds kind of like what the 'disaffected north-African youths' were doing in France, doesn't it?

Several public transport routes have also been cancelled after rioters started hurling petrol bombs at buses.
That's trying to kill people, and in a pretty nasty way.
Government leaders have struggled to explain or control the outbreak of violence, but the anti-immigrant, nationalist Sweden Democrats have soared to third place in the polls. 

The party’s rise reflects the concerns of many native-born Swedes that their country is rapidly changing for the worse.
Well, the Swedish government has basically told the people 'the immigrants have more rights than you', punished people for speech that might upset someone, ignored or minimized serious crime problems; now the 'anti-immigrant, nationalist' party is moving up in popularity.  And I'll bet the upper reaches of government are more worried about that than they are about the violence.

‘We have groups of young men who believe that you can and should use violence to change society. Let us be clear. This is not okay. We cannot be governed by violence.’
Hey, they've been getting away with it, with you making excuses for them; why would they think that would change?

It's bad now; this is likely to turn really nasty in the near future.

In the spirit of "Spread the happiness around",

Ammunition to Go is running a Ammo Ambassador program:
We're giving away 100,000 rounds - that's 2,000 boxes of 9mm ammo just for bringing a new shooter to the range! So, be sure to start planning today as quantities are limited!
Here's how this works
Free ammo
  1. Find a buddy or family member that's new to firearms.
  2. Print off this target and take it to the range with you.
  3. Introduce your new shooter to firearms and snap a photo of them with their target.
  4. Send us a copy of the photo with the submission form below.
  5. We'll send you two boxes of 9mm ammo for free as a thank you for your time and energy helping grow the number of firearms-friendly folks in the United States.
Seems like a worthy program, especially with the usual suspects talking about bans and such.  The more new people get the fun of hitting the range, the better.

Ban them now!

Starting with those owned by politicians and the wealthy, personal opinion.

Wonder if this '1 in 5' will get as much attention as the bogus one?

'Sport hunting is much like lynching black people.'
Harvard charges something like $40,000/year.  To listen to idiots like this.

Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find the big factory where they're being made.  After all, we're assured by the hoplophobes that it takes a factory to build something like this.

With past examples like this, wonder what Hillary would do in the Oval Office?
Bill Clinton’s administration gathered enough evidence to send a top-secret communique accusing Iran of facilitating the deadly 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist bombing, but suppressed that information from the American public and some elements of U.S. intelligence for fear it would lead to an outcry for reprisal, according to documents and interviews.
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh told The Times that when he first sought the Clinton White House’s help to gain access to the Saudi suspects, he was repeatedly thwarted. When he succeeded by going around Mr. Clinton and returned with the evidence, it was dismissed as “hearsay,” and he was asked not to spread it around because the administration had made a policy decision to warm relations with Tehran and didn’t want to rock the boat, he said.

“The bottom line was they weren’t interested. They were not at all responsive to it,” Mr. Freeh said about the evidence linking Iran to Khobar.

Remember the parents of that girl murdered who sued Lucky Gunner?  And the wailing when the suit- rightly - was thrown out and they were charged for LGs legal costs?
Matsch had already rejected the lawsuit months earlier, citing both federal law and Colorado Revised Statute, both of which shield manufacturers, importers and dealers from lawsuits arising from criminal abuse of products they lawfully sell. Instead, civil actions must be based “only upon an actual defect in the design or manufacture of such firearm or ammunition or upon the commission of a violation of a state or federal statute or regulation and not upon any other theory of liability.” And again, per state law, recovery of attorney’s fees and costs incurred in defending against such actions from the plaintiffs is required.

“It may be presumed that whatever hardship is imposed on the individual plaintiffs by these awards against them may be ameliorated by the sponsors of this action in their name,” Matsch surmised. That means if the Brady Center, which is challenging the ruling, has its appeal rejected and then doesn’t come up with the award amount, Lonny and Sandy Phillips will have to pay it out of their own pockets.

Matsch wasn’t through with the Bradys.

It is apparent that this case was filed to pursue the political purposes of the Brady Center and, given the failure to present any cognizable legal claim, bringing these defendants into the Colorado court … appears to be more of an opportunity to propagandize the public and stigmatize the defendants than to obtain a court order,” he noted.
Of course it was for the Brady political purposes; and if you think they're going to cover this, well, those people were to be used, and if their use is going to cost... then they're on their own.

Monday, October 05, 2015

"Nobody wants to take your guns!" my ass, Part the 83rd

But now they're becoming more honest: a Washington Post editor just explicitly called for a "gun free society.
Ezra's Folly, I mean Vox, jumps on the idea and pushes it.
And you already knew about Obama and Hillary Clinton yammering about it.

Either Obama's so desperate to distract from his various mid-East disasters and the economy that he's willing to trash the Democrat Party in the next election, or he's just pissed he can't get his way on everything and doesn't care what damage he causes.  Clinton?  She's a socialist who can't stand the commoners not being under proper control.

And 'control' is the big word in the whole mess.

No, the Australia gun ban didn't make things all wonderfulness and light;

 Australian studies point this out.

Add to that that the bad guys still get guns.

Mentioned the other day that the Brit NHS has been paying doctors NOT to refer people to hospitals for further tests, including cancer patients.  Let's not forget that they've also been using the Liverpool Care Pathway for quite some time.  You know, the protocol under which some doctor decides you're too old or too disabled to be worth saving, so they leave you to die of thirst and starvation.  Out of 'compassion'.  But mostly because "You don't make enough of a contribution to society to be worth saving, so just hurry up and die."

I was reminded of something the other day over on Bookface: no matter how many times you point out the facts, idiots keep insisting "NO BACKGROUND CHECKS AT GUN SHOWS!  NO BACKGROUND CHECK TO BUY GUNS ON THE INNERNETS!" 


Sunday, October 04, 2015

Apparently there's no actual crime left in Greenwich,

so clowns like Detective Kurdish have time to screw around with people because they don't have the right political views.

'Community service organization' my ass, you're supposed to be PEACE OFFICERS, which duties do not include tattling on people.  Jackass.

In the multicultural paradise of Sweden, it's actually not paradise.  At least not for native Swedes.  Though the government and cultural elites don't care.  Among other slight problems,
Now, Swedes see the welfare system failing them. More and more senior citizens fall into the "indigent" category; close to 800,000 of Sweden's 2.1 million retirees, despite having worked their whole lives, are forced to live on between 4,500 and 5,500 kronor ($545 - $665) a month. Meanwhile, seniors who immigrate to Sweden receive the so-called "elderly support subsidy" -- usually a higher amount -- even though they have never paid any taxes in Sweden.

Worse, in 2013 the government decided that people staying in the country illegally have a right to virtually free health and dental care. So while the destitute Swedish senior citizen must choose between paying 100,000 kronor ($12,000) to get new teeth or living toothless, a person who does not even have the right to stay in Sweden can get his teeth fixed for 50 kronor ($6).
"Hi, I'm wondering, why is the government quiet about such an awful incident? The whole summer has been characterized by extreme violence, shootings, knifings and explosions. The government needs to take vigorous action so we can feel safe."
"Hi Stefan, why don't you, as our Prime Minister, react more against all the violence that is escalating in our country? [Such as] the double murder at IKEA in Västerås. Add to that the bombings and other things happening in Malmö. Instead of torchlight processions against racism, we need a Prime Minister who speaks out against the violence, who says that it's wrong no matter which ethnic group is behind it or at the receiving end of it.
Letters and e-mails get a "We heard you, now stop annoying us" form response.  That's going over well.

And now lots and lots more 'refugees' are heading there.  It's been bad before, it's worse now, and it's going to get a LOT worse before it gets better.  Assuming it does.

"If we get rid of guns, it'll all be GREAT!"

Not so much.
An attack by knife-wielding men at a railway station in Kunming in south-west China has left at least 29 dead, the state news agency Xinhua says. 

Another 130 people were wounded in what authorities said was a "premeditated, violent terrorist attack".

Let's see... mock people for believing 'conspiracy theories' about banning guns after you spoke approvingly of countries that banned guns and had mass confiscations.  Yeah, that's a winner.

Higher Education at Yale
When rioters take territory and loot, they are revealing precisely how, in a space without cops, property relations can be destroyed and things can be had for free[…]

But why is it bad to grab an opportunity to improve well-being, to make life better, easier, or more comfortable? Or, as Hannah Black put it on Twitter: “Cops exist so people can’t loot ie have nice things for free so idk why it’s so confusing that people loot when they protest against cops” [sic]. Only if you believe that having nice things for free is amoral, if you believe, in short, that the current (white-supremacist, settler-colonialist) regime of property is just, can you believe that looting is amoral in itself.
People are paying how much per year for their kids to be indoctrinated with this shit?

Government-controlled health care:

Does this count as a form of death panel, or just greed("Doctors, decide who you think is worth saving, and get a bonus!")?
Ministers have been urged to ban schemes which pay GPs financial bonuses for reducing referrals to hospital – including cases of suspected cancer.

The calls come amid growing criticism of the NHS initiatives, which doctors have described as “abhorrent, risky and misguided.”

Labour’s new shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander last night called on ministers to “review the impact and extent” of these schemes “as a matter of urgency”. 
The 'impact' is people dying because the doctor got a bonus to NOT refer them for testing.  Got to keep those hospital costs down for the good of all, y'know.

An investigation yesterday revealed that practices are being paid up to £11,000 under schemes to reduce referrals to hospitals, some of which involve cutting referrals for suspected cancer.
That's just wonderful, isn't it?  "Cheaper to pay doctors to decide who dies than to treat those people, after all."
The schemes appear to fly in the face of a recently announced NHS Cancer Strategy, which promised an 80 per cent increase in tests for cancers, in a bid to improve survival Research by Pulse magazine has revealed nine parts of the country offering such schemes.
Apparently the other parts are offering the "Who is worth saving?" payments.

They include NHS North-East Lincolnshire CCG, which is offering the average practice the equivalent of more than £6,000 to reduce outpatient referrals - including urgent cancer referrals - to the same level as the 25 per cent of practices with the lowest referral rates in 2014/15.
I repeat: wonderful, isn't it, what we have to look forward to?

Of course, it's insisted that this isn't a REAL problem...
A spokeswoman insisted that the figures quoted were the absolute maximum a practice could earn, and that in order to show significant improvements, they would have to completely overhaul how patients were managed.
"It's not a real problem, that's just the MAXIMUM a practice can earn for leaving people to a miserable death."
Dame Barbara Hakin, national director for commissioning operations at NHS England, said: "The number of patients referred to hospital for urgent cancer checks is up by over 600,000 over the past five years, and we now want it to go up even more, so as to diagnose suspected cancers earlier.
Assuming the number quoted is correct, and the intent, why the hell pay doctors NOT to refer patients?
"NICE has set out evidence based guidelines for when patients should be referred, and no CCG incentive scheme should in anyway cut across that. We are in touch with each of the CCGs mentioned to ensure that this is very clearly communicated to all practices.”
'no scheme SHOULD cut across that'... so why the hell are you PAYING DOCTORS NOT TO REFER PATIENTS IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Bloody hell.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Damn, it took some time to get the data downloaded tonight;

appears the innertubes is a bit busy.

Remember that song 'Freeze a Yankee' ?

They're working on accomplishing that all by themselves.
“Natural gas is so abundant and cheap in much of the U.S. that producers want to export it overseas. Except in New England, where gas is so hard to get that companies are importing it from as far away as Yemen.” In this particular case, the stance was we do not want any of those dirty, dirty fossil fuel pipelines in our backyards; and the consequences are soaring natural gas prices (2/3rds higher than the rest of the country) according to the WSJ, with the price probably continuing to skyrocket because of increased demand from consumers and what may be a really, really cold winter*.

Which reminded me of something I ran across a while back:
In a hell-bent campaign to rid itself of any form of dirty, messy “non-renewable” energy, New England has been closing down coal and oil plants for the last decade. In 2000, 18 percent of New England’s electricity came from coal and 22 percent from oil. Today it’s 3 percent coal and 1 percent oil. Meanwhile, natural gas — the fuel that everybody loves until you have to drill for it — has risen from 15 percent to a starkly vulnerable 52 percent, just behind California.

There’s only one problem. New England doesn’t have the pipelines to bring in the gas. Nor is anyone going to allowed to build it, either.
Because natural gas isn't 'green' enough for these morons.  And coal is just HORRIBLE, and if you want to see people crap their pants whisper 'nuclear power'.  This piece was written after a winter that put that whole region right on the edge of the electrical grid failing, and their supply situation is worse now. 

This is not going to go well.

And, of course, it's not the fault of the governors and other political bigshots, oh no!  Whose, then?
During Monday’s panel discussion, several of the state’s energy representatives outlined the proposal that they said is necessary because the market hasn’t put forward any solutions.
That's right; it's the fault of that eeevilllleee market.  You know, the one that's been wanting to build gas pipelines and power plants for years and always been told 'NO!' by the idiots now saying the market hasn’t put forward any solutions...

These morons have been cheering on Obama and the greenies closing down coal and oil plants, given a resounding 'NO!' to nuke plants to replace those about to be shut down, and after the 2013-2014 winter it bit them in the ass.  So now they want to save everyone from the consequences.  Which should've started years ago, but they didn't care until that winter started freezing people.


On assisted suicide:

How far off are we from people being guilted into committing suicide because they need minor care throughout life?  People are ALREADY routinely guilted into not reproducing because of genetic defects in their family, which are not fatal just inconvenient.  (And we ALL have genetic defects.  They’re often paired with the genes for intelligence and other “good” traits.)  How far off are we from “oh, you have asthma?  Society would save a lot of money if you died.”

I don’t judge the people in great suffering who choose to end it.  But I judge people who make decisions on the value of human life based on the assumption that humans are just “a drain on society.”

I connect this with the attitude "If you do 'X', and you get hurt, it costs ALL of us!  So we have a say in what you're allowed to do!"  The big one there is smoking, but the attitude carries over to damn-near anything: driving, motorcycles, scuba, hang-gliding, the list goes on and on.

Smart Diplomacy.  From that backstabbing treasonous cretin in the White House.

When I hear a Pajama Boy say that strong disagreement, even angry speech, is “violence,” I just want one of those cartoon boxing gloves on a spring to come out of nowhere and punch him in the head: “See? Now, granted, that WAS violence. Before we were just talking. Feel the difference?” OK, I lied. I want to do it myself. I know it’s wrong; it’s not enlightened, it’s not kind; it’s not feminine; and it’s definitely not Jewish. I recently fasted for 25 hours to atone for thoughts like this. But that’s how strongly I feel about equating mere speech with assault.

And, for my confidence-inspiring news of the moment,
Over the last 10 days, Obama’s top advisers on cyber-security, ISIS, and Russia have all resigned.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Too tired for fancy wording:


And in the Obama and Bloomberg heaven of (formerly Great)Britain,

doesn't seem like those laws are helping much.
Police reveal there are 277,000 guns in Scotland as they warn of thriving black market trade in firearms
I'd have inserted 'that are known of' after 'Scotland', but that's just me.

There's lots of pearl-clutching(including "He bought a REPLICA on AMAZON!!"), but the real meat of the matter comes here:
Experts have mapped 107,000 shotguns and 80,000 firearms which are legally owned by 68,000 licence-holders.

But criminals can get hold of everything from revolvers to AK47 assault rifles on the black market and in former conflict zones.
And there you have the admission: honest people, no problem controlling; criminals get whatever the hell they want.

Someone needs to point out that line to Dear Leader.

Their answer, of course, is MORE LAWS!!
Cuddihy added: “As we have with drugs, I would like to see the creation of an offence of being concerned in the unlawful sale or supply of firearms and ammunition.
With 'concerned in' probably meaning "Anything we decide might let us go after someone else, no matter how idiotic it might be."  Like, say, accusing Amazon for having those replicas.  Etc.
“We must prevent bad people from accessing guns.”
 Guy, you've made it plain you don't even want honest citizens accessing firearms; how's that working out on stopping the bad guys?

There's a clown named Arthur Chu

who became famous for winning on some game show, who's now very big in leftist circles.  And, like so many leftists, he really doesn't like people being allowed to say things he doesn't approve of.

His solution is the equivalent of letting Ford or Toyota be sued because a drunk driver was in one of their cars when he caused a wreck.  It's stupid, and have no doubt it's intended to make free speech more difficult.  And more expensive, don't forget that.

One of the criticisms of AGW/Man-Caused Climate Change theory is that the models used are not accurate; they cannot account for all the factors involved, in part because we don't even know all of them.  Case in point:
According to a study by the Institute of Catalysis and Environment in Lyon (IRCELYON, CNRS / University Lyon 1) and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), the oceans are producing unexpectedly large quantities of isoprene – a volatile organic compound (VOC) – which is known to have a cooling effect on climate.
One thing, with possibly HUGE effects.  God knows what else is out there we don't know about.

No, not ignoring the murders in Oregon.  The blood-dancing started before we really knew anything, especially by the Dancer-In-Chief, leading to this:
I will say it's clarifying to see the president admit to willfully politicizing an event so he can confiscate guns of law-abiding people.
And, as was also noted,
Back then:
I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away.”
He praised the gun control efforts in Australia, a nation that conducted a mass confiscation of firearms from its citizenry.

A bunch of Democrats are realizing/dealing with the fact that a lot of people are getting screwed in Obamacare, and they don't want to be linked to it.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Clintons and 60 Minutes;

and anyone still wonders why the media's not trusted?

Hey Obama, the 80s called. They’re asking for a real president who knew how to deal with the Russians without becoming their bitch.”

Why unbelievable?  Obama cares about the military only as a way of pushing his crap; the lives of the troops are inconsequential.

It's almost like Obama WANTS Iran to have nuclear weapons, isn't it?

There is a line in Serenity I've found more and more appropriate

as the SJW types push more and more to make people- in their view- 'better':
Sure as I know anything, I know this - they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They'll swing back to the belief that they can make people... better. And I do not hold to that.
First thing I thought of when I read this.  I'll borrow a few bits and leave it to you to read the rest.
In 2012 a philosopher named Matthew Liao co-authored a paper that proposed altering human biology to combat climate change.
In the paper and in subsequent interviews Liao and his co-authors said that they’re not necessarily advocating for any one of these modifications in particular. Instead, they just think scientists should look into how feasible changing certain aspects of human biology might be. Co-author Rebecca Roache (who we talked to for the Eternal Life in Prison episode) told Leo Hickman of the Guardian that “human engineering may ultimately be unworkable; but this should be because it is impossible to implement, or because its costs outweigh its benefits.” 
Another modification that Liao proposed was an induced allergy to meat, to help people reduce their consumption of animals.
Next we talk about breeding people to be shorter, something Liao says could reduce our carbon footprint.
And now we get to something more current, something some of his fellow 'progressives' have suggested variations of:
But what about less physical ways of decreasing someone’s impact on the climate? The next method Liao talks about is using cognitive enhancement to decrease the number of babies each person has. He proposes giving people access to things like Ritalin and Modafinil to increase their cognitive ability because there are some links between cognitive ability and having fewer children.
And this brings us to the last modification that Liao talks about: empathy. You might remember that just a few weeks ago we talked about empathy on this very podcast! And you might remember that empathy is actually a really hard thing to define. Liao’s idea is to give hormones like oxytocin and seratonin to people, and to perhaps decrease someone’s testosterone.
The author notes that nobody is(currently) talking about forcing anyone to do this, oh no; but nobody was talking about force being involved when the eugenics movement started, either(at least not openly).  Question: anyone out there think that there are not people out there who just looove the idea of forcing this?  On others, of course.  Test subjects.  The lower orders who wouldn't agree.

And I'll be most of the ones who like the idea are also horrified at the commoners having arms.  In part because armed people make it somewhat more difficult to show up and take them in for modification.

Oh yeah, the comments are interesting.  Including some like this:
Totally agree. but where is it said that any humans have inherent ‘rights’.
They don’t.
 Maybe not in your estimation.

Yes, Obama wants your guns,

and he'll say anything to try to get them.

And don't forget just what a friggin' nightmare Clinton is on this.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hey, remember the scientists who wanted Globular Warmering 'deniers' prosecuted

under RICO?  Guess what?  They really stepped in it, and they've taken the letter off the website.  And are trying to make it go away.  Problem:
You can imagine the horror on the signatories’ faces when they realised that some very determined people were about to take a close interest in their financial arrangements and those of their colleagues at IGES.
I’m not sure taking the letter down is going to help much though.
No shit.

More followup:
...Now, instead of explaining why the RICO 20 letter was mysteriously withdrawn from the IGES website after questions began to be asked about the millions of dollars that George Mason’s Jagadish Shukla apparently has received, some of it while apparently “double dipping” against university policy, all the while claiming climate skeptics are the recipients of money that should be prosecuted under the RICO act, we find this curious missive posted in place of the RICO20 letter at the URL where it previously resided:
MUCH more at the link

From the consummate professionals of the Secret Service...

An assistant director of the Secret Service urged that unflattering information the agency had in its files about a congressman critical of the service should be made public, according to a government watchdog report released Wednesday.

“Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out,” Assistant Director Edward Lowery wrote in an e-mail to a fellow director on March 31, commenting on an internal file that was being widely circulated inside the service. “Just to be fair.”
Isn't that just wonderful, just professional as hell?  And from an Assistant Director, yet.

Oh, let's not forget this, either:
That information was part of Chaffetz’s personnel file stored in a restricted Secret Service database and required by law to be kept private.
Wonder what the penalty is supposed to be for violating that law?  And what the chances are of Lowery actually being charged for it?

The Chaffetz file, contained in the restricted database, had been peeked at by about 45 Secret Service agents, some of whom shared it with their colleagues in March and April, the report found. This prying began after a contentious March 24 House hearing at which Chaffetz scolded the director and the agency for its series of security gaffes and misconduct. The hearing sparked anger inside the agency.

The inspector general’s inquiry found the Chaffetz information was spread to nearly every layer of the service.
Take a minute and think about that.  Restricted information, being passed around like a friggin' bottle at a party.  Because the SS is all butthurt at being called on some real screwups...

Here's something that makes this even more interesting(if by 'interesting' you mean 'messy and unprofessional and downright stupid'):
Roth said in his report that it was “especially ironic and troubling” that the Chaffetz information circulated so widely inside the agency and yet Clancy did not know about it. Even Clancy chief of staff Michael Biermann and Deputy Director Craig Magaw had been privy to the information, the report said, but did not alert Clancy.

Clancy had previously raised concerns about the failure of his staff to keep him properly informed. At the March 24 hearing, he said he was “infuriated” that he was not alerted by his senior management to an incident earlier that month in which two senior supervisors drove onto the White House complex after a night of drinking and crossed through an active bomb-investigation scene.
Your own damned CoS and Deputy Director couldn't be bothered to let you know this land mine with a smoking fuse was out there?  This is the best staff you could get?

And yeah, there's more.  Go check it out, including the IG stepping in it.

Covers it pretty well

Toobin concludes, correctly I think, that Boehner’s “failures, political and substantive, were due mostly to cowardice… Boehner tried nothing, accomplished nothing, and lost his job anyway. It’s the legacy he deserves.”
Though he should've had 'betrayed, and sold out' right after 'accomplished nothing'.

Being an immigrant from some places means some people will find excuses for, and blame others for, anything you do.  Including murder.

And if you think CBS had no idea, I have some seafront property in the panhandle to sell you.
Now the WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of the CIA’s clandestine service in Europe who was working directly with Blumenthal as a member of Clinton’s spy network, was concurrently working as a consultant to CBS News and its venerable news program 60 Minutes.

The New York Effing City Council: traitors are their heroes.

Lady, you didn't get those boobs from eating cannoli or drinking, and they're not going to shrink from sweating or something.

This isn't exactly news; bin Laden wailed a lot about the loss of  'al Andalusia' and other places, and how they had to be reconquered.

Except that it will be news to a lot of people.  And will be dismissed as racist thought or something.

Greedy dirtbag lawyers don't like Stand Your Ground laws, and the CSGV

just loooooves those lawyers.
Aside from the lies from the lawyers, there's this:
Victims’ rights are undermined in states with statutory immunity from criminal prosecution and civil suit related to Stand Your Ground cases.
I venture a speculation and say this is the real reason the ABA is opposed to SYG/Immunity: It is bad for their pockets. And did you notice the use of the word victim? It is being applied to the critter that needed the defense and not the person who had to use force to stop the attack. Who has not heard of cases in which a criminal or his family has sued in civil court even though it was their precious snowflake the one that wanted to carve his initials on a stranger and get his money or her sex? We still hear the lamentations of “He was a good boy! Just because he was flinging a machete does not mean he deserved to be shot!” from weeping mothers and other relatives?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So Zuckerberg wants to be the Speech Commissar for Merkel?

The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that "we need to do some work" on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. "Are you working on this?" Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted. 
Earlier this month, Facebook vowed to clean up what it deemed was racist content on the German version of its website. At the time, the social network said it would partner with a non profit group to oversee hate postings.

Yet any action from Facebook is likely to stoke concerns about free speech. In the past, the social network has come under suspicion for suppressing or deleting posts and groups that advocate unpopular beliefs.
No shit?  Gee, maybe that's because Commissar Zuckerberg wants to  'clean up' speech he disapproves of?  And Merkel is cheering him on?

"Free speech does not include things we disapprove of!"
That's what you think, assholes.

There is NOTHING the legions of the perpetually-offended don't/won't object to,

but there is hope.
Over a mad-scientist-theme party,
“We are disappointed at your choice of the name for the event, as well as your rationale for allowing the name ‘Mudd Goes Madd.’ Your disregard of the concerns of the mental health community and their allies trivializes issues that we deem extremely important to our community. Further, the exclusion of the mental health community in the discussion of allowing the event name is inappropriate.”
Among the responses from people with some brains and sense of humor,
As TCF notes, several students who suffer from mental issues expressed support for the party’s theme:
Another student wrote the decision was “patronizing” and a third added “I have anxiety and my closest friends have depression. I think the name is clever and fun,” according to screenshots obtained by The College Fix.
Another student told the Claremont Independent, which first reported the story, that: “I am actually bipolar and I am offended that people infantilize the whole issue of mental illness by suggesting we should be protected from anything that could damage our ‘fragile’ psyches.”
Damn right.

Yes, the anti-rights people are still pushing "The National Guard is the militia and the 2nd Amendment was referring to THEM!" crap.

Let's see... the IRS investigated itself, Holders' DoJ 'investigated' him, now the Secret Service is involved in investigating itself...  And they wonder why people don't trust them.

Monday, September 28, 2015

I needed a brass catcher

Happily, that's pretty straightforward:
Take some 1/4" diameter bar I had, a piece about six feet long.  Bend into a circle
This stuff isn't hard to bend, even cold.  I did this around a 14" wheel.

Get the shape neatened-up a bit, then bend so you've got two legs
Figure how high you want it to stand, bend the legs back at the appropriate point

Bend the backs of the legs so they overlap
You can leave them loose, but I'd suggest either taping, wiring or welding them together.  Do any necessary bending to make it sit flat, then lace on some netting or something, and you have this
Tried it out a few days ago, and it worked nicely for things that eject to the right and a little forward or back, just move to properly intercept.  If it's windy you can set something heavy on the legs, another reason to have them overlap at the back.  Or if you don't mind the weight when moving it you could weld or otherwise attach a piece of bar or something heavy enough to stabilize it.

When seconds count, some cops

drive away.

Robert Peel must be trying to dig out of his grave so he can use his headstone on the people who've screwed-up his creation so badly.

This is clearly unpossible, Britain has CSGV-approved laws on such things!

A 19-year-old who plotted a massacre at his former college has been jailed for life with a minimum term of eight years.

Liam Lyburd was convicted at Newcastle Crown Court of possessing an arsenal of weapons including pipe bombs and a gun, with intent to endanger life.
I mean pipe bombs, well, yeah, but he got a GUN?  However could that be?
Lyburd replied: "Buying a gun was just like buying a bar of chocolate. I didn't see it as a big deal at the time."
Apparently it be pretty damn easy.

So, despite all those laws, to the point an old lady gets arrested for carrying a pepper shaker to defend herself with, someone plotting mass murder has no problem putting together pipe bombs, and buying a pistol, magazines, and a bunch of ammo?

Why, you'd almost think those people don't care about the law or something!

When everything is a microaggression to somebody,

unless you're a minority of some kind.  In which case you can say all kinds of racist and bigoted crap and excuse yourself because 'only white people can be racist'.
As the College Fix reported, during a recent microaggression seminar at Northwestern University, when asked by a student if his entire speech was a “microaggression against white people,” Sue informed the poor rube that only white people can be racist, since minorities like him “do not have the power to oppress in the way that a white person might do because they have the very institutions that support it.” You know, unlike a widely published Ivy League professor whose views are forced down the gullets of helpless participants in compulsory campus training sessions.
No matter what you say or do, SOMEBODY will be offended somehow, therefore you're always guilty when accused.  And supposed to abase yourself.  And if you don't, if you disagree, that's 'proof' that you're racist/bigoted/fill-in-the-damned-blank.

About that European paradise where guns are highly restricted

and crime rates are low,
My acquaintance said to the police that he would make a complaint. The senior among them advised him against wasting his time. At that time of night, there would be no one to complain to in the local commissariat. He would have to go the following day and would have to wait on line for three hours. He would have to return several times, with a long wait each time. And in the end, nothing would be done.

As for the police, he added, they did not want to make an arrest in a case like this. There would be too much paperwork. And even if the case came to court, the judge would give no proper punishment. Moreover, such an arrest would retard their careers. The local police chiefs were paid by results—by the crime rates in their areas of jurisdiction. The last thing they wanted was for policemen to go around finding and recording crime.

Not long afterward, I heard of another case in which the police simply refused to record the occurrence of a burglary, much less try to catch the culprits.
The article is a few years old; think things have improved since?  Don't hold your breath.

Wonderful combination: Don't hold 'those people' to standards, because that would be 'racist' or 'intolerant' or something, but try to keep them in certain areas so they don't loot and burn the whole damn place.  And don't even officially report a lot of crimes, because who wants to deal with the truth of the matter?

Now they've got no-telling-how-many 'refugees'(some really are, the rest want benefits) coming in, some of whom will be quite happy to lead the residents of the cités in serious attacks; wonder how that's going to work out?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

When the authorities are covering up rapes, and (link fixed)

you're being told to change your clothing and how you act 'so as not to offend', and a good many of the 'refugees' aren't but your elites and government don't seem to care, you're pretty much screwed.
‘We paid a trafficking agent for false visas to fly here to Germany,’ says 34-year-old Atif. ‘We claimed asylum and came to Giessen camp with other migrants. Three weeks ago, because we had families, they gave us a proper home.’

Atif is well-dressed and speaks perfect English. He used to be a transport manager at Karachi airport and is from a well-to-do family. Between mouthfuls of curry, he adds: ‘But there is violence between political gangs in Karachi. Lots of people are leaving for Europe. The trafficker decided that Germany was the place for us because it is welcoming refugees.’
'Refugees'.  Yeah, you throw the gates open and say "Come in and we'll take care of you", you have very little control over who's actually coming, and why.

Controversially, the letter suggests that in the migrants’ culture, women are viewed differently: ‘It is a fact that women and children are unprotected. This situation is opportune for those men who already regard women as their inferiors and treat unaccompanied women as “fair game”.’
In other parts of the country, Germans are being told to adapt their lifestyles when migrants arrive. Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old girl was reportedly raped this month, have warned parents not to allow their children outside unaccompanied.
At Pocking, another well-kept Bavarian town, the headmaster of the grammar school wrote to parents telling them not to let their daughters wear skimpy clothing. This was to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ with 200 migrants who were put up in the school’s gymnasium over the summer, before being moved on this month.
Astonishingly, police kept silent about the rape, which took place in June. Only this month, after a local newspaper revealed that it had happened — and claimed German authorities are not ‘going public’ about crimes involving migrants because they don’t want to ‘give legitimacy’ to critics of mass migration — did they confirm it had taken place.
Get some time, check out the rape situation in Sweden.  And what happens to people who point out the uncomfortable fact that most of them are committed by muslim immigrants.  Can't have nasty facts causing problems with the Preferred Narrative, now can we?

Unless Germany and a few other places pull their leaders heads out of their anal orifices, they're screwed.  Possibly for good and all.

'Are they in collusion with the Clintons?

Throughout 2015, Ortel has carefully studied and documented a decade’s worth of domestic and global fraud, theft, corruption and violations of strict IRS rules being perpetrated by a prestigious multi-billion dollar charitable organization known as the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Unlike Markopolos, who went to the SEC and was largely ignored because of incompetence, Ortel believes that the IRS is actively in collusion with the Clinton Foundation.
And one of the things discovered? 
Ortel calculates that 2004 was the year when the foundation began engaging in massive fraud. Now guess who was director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Rulings & Agreements Division at that time? And guess who in December of 2005 was promoted to director of the entire IRS Exempt Organizations Division? Does the name Lois Lerner ring a bell?
No wonder she's scared to death of answering questions, with all this lurking in the background.

Some interesting stuff on buying gold and silver, and what's been/being done in counterfeiting.

If women have to struggle and still mostly fail, standards will be lowered. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the nation’s top military officer, admits it. If women aren’t meeting a standard, “the burden is now on the service to come back and explain . . . why is it that high? Does it really have to be that high?”

In short, women won’t have to run as fast or hit targets as accurately as men to be in combat.
Someone should bluntly ask Dempsey how many dead troops are allowable so his social conscience will feel good.

So you're scared of spiders; do you have to be THIS BLOODY STUPID about it?

Yes, this is a very late data collection;

Sue me, I was tired last night